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Why Advertise With IBJA Bulletin

  • IBJA Bulletin provides Bullion and Jewellry industry latest news and events
  • IBJA bulletin is distributed free to the Bullion and Jewellry industry PAN India
  • It's a association news magazine with all recent news and events covered
  • The advertisement Reach to a large audience and is promoted in various social media platforms like FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter which has huge followings
  • IBJA Bulletin is circulated in IBJA's various WhatApp group reaching over 10,000 IBJA members directly
  • IBJA Bulletin is promoted in other IBJA initiated websites and portals which increases the reach to other non-members
  • IBJA Bulletin is advertised in other magazines promoted by IBJA like IBJA Times and Jewel Buzz which is India's no. 1 Jewellery Trade magazine.

IBJA Bulletin Ad Rates

Sr No. Costing Full Page Ad Insertion Total Amount
1 17000 6 102000
2 15000 12 180000
3 12500 24 300000
* IBJA Bulletin is published every fortnight